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TWO Films on Amazon to watch!!!!

Recently a new film was added to Amazon Prime. This is a film I'm quite proud of and happy that I can share it with Western fans. "Only God Forgives" is a short film that won multiple awards in various film festivals around the world. Please take the time to watch and write a short review if it compels you to do so? It's FREE for all Amazon Prime members. The other film, "The Debt of Maximillian" has been available on Amazon for quite some time. It's my first leading role in a feature film. A lot of great things are in the works and can't wait to share with you all the new projects that are coming down the pipeline as we continue to climb out of this pandemic.

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Doing great at the film festivals in 2021.

"The Stranger" is doing well so far in 2021, having received multiple nominations and rewards in various film festivals  throughout the world in both the Sci-Fi and Western categories. Recently, the short film grabbed six nominations at the Cowpoke International Film Festival that takes place in Texas. Stay tuned to see if we bring home any rewards. We are looking to release this film on Amazon after all is said and done. "The Stranger" is the story of two outlaws hiding out in the desert when a stranger gets way too close for comfort. The men debate whether or not to shoot the unsuspecting intruder and all Hell breaks loose.